Upcoming projects...
Training of Trainers in June 2010(TOT)
CAMP is  collaborating again with Unicef, Hyderabad Field Office to conduct a Training of Trainers for its partner NGOs/ educational institutions from all over Andhra Pradesh in Participatory Video. About 20 organisation representatives are expected to participate in the ToT to begin from June 2010. The workshop will be conducted over a span of three months. Facilitators Vasuki Belavadi, Associate professor at the department of communication, University of Hyderabad and Anil Kumar.P, freelance consultant and PV trainer, Hyderabad.

At the end of the training the participants will:

Following are the projects done...
CAMP©-Children As Media Producers sees decentralized information and communication structures as key agents of empowerment to those who have been traditionally marginalized.  It  believes  that the  key issue in participation is the facilitation of dialogue among members of a community so that they become the ultimate arbiters of the development that is suitable for them. CAMP sees  'Electronic grassrooting' of democracy as a means to possibly help reconstruct a new kind of civil society.

Mahita has launched Digital Video Documentation training for the young girls of the slums. The primary purpose of the intervention is to bring changes among the communities through Videos as a medium of raising awareness and addressing the issues. they also in process of Digital Video Documentation by girls.

Project Chetana Community Video lies in a belief that visuals and videos undoubtedly act as effective tools to not only to pass information and create awareness on women’s issues but also to facilitate a debate or discussion on the same.

Community video Unit can be a powerful instrument of social change, especially if people’s voices appear on screen highlighting their own perceptions of issues they face and the problems that they encounter in their day to day lives. The purpose of this unit is to train young activists with skills in interviewing, script writing, photography, editing and screening so that they can play an effective role as community producers.